DC Global Logistics Provides OTR  Trucking and in service provisioning and dedication of transportation resources directly to a specific logistics need. Timing, Special Frieght , Volume Loads, and special Cirumstances are our Expertise. Dedicated Services can ensure available capacity and overall peace of mind to Our Customers



Dedicated” fleet of professional and experienced transportation resources come with great benefits .

Benefits include:

  • Limited risk and exposure for accidents or other liabilities

  • DOT safety and compliance

  • Advanced logistics technologies

  • Reliabity and consistentency 

  • Reliable contingency support 

  • Driver recruiting, training, and retention through developed networks

  • shipments Delivered and handled with the utmost Care

  • Driver Compatability 

  • Trust , Empathy , Competence

Our experience is broadly based across various service and supply chain types. Our experience includes but is not limited to:

Service Types 

  • Unattended & Nighttime Delivery

  • Static Routes (Milk Runs)

  • Tier I & II Manufacturing


  • Cross Dock Operations

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Yard Management

  • Multi-stop Truckload

  • Truckload

  • Time Sensitive

  • Secret Clearance Loads

Supply Chain Segment Types 

  • Retail Distribution 

  • Wholesale Distribution 

  • Assembly Operations and Manufacturing

  • In Process Manufacturing Plant Transfer

  • Warehouse Transfers